Build the features people want

Feature Gauge is a tool to validate your feature ideas before building them

Ever spent weeks (or months) building a feature only to find out later it’s not used as much as you hoped—if at all?

We have. That’s why we’re building Feature Gauge.

Who it's for

It's for those who that have lots of ideas, are passionate about their product, but recognize that ideas alone are just the tip of the iceberg. Ideas are fun and exciting! Who doesn’t enjoy dreaming up new features for their product?

While ideas are cheap, features are costly. As the old saying goes “time is money”, and good features require time to plan and nurture, and discipline to stay within scope.

So, if you’re eager to implement your ideas with a measured and practical approach, Feature Gauge is for you.

Data Focused

  • Review qualitative data from user submitted feedback
  • Analyze quantitative data by impressions & engagements

Developer Focused

  • Integrate easily with our javascript library
  • Learn from our sample apps (in the works)
  • Study our developer documentation (in the works)

How it works

Essentially, you're running a painted-door test, but without the hassle of setting up your own testing infrastructure.


Decide on a feature idea in which you want to gauge interest


Think of a question related to the feature you’d like to ask your users


Create and configure an experiment in the admin app


Integrate the Feature Gauge javascript library in your web app UI


Run, and view experiment results in the admin app, and by email